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FDA Summer Solstis

                 Akid Kasim
                                                     AK ElZahraMoniet
                                    Akid Hanalei
                                                     Akid Serramoniet
FDA Summer Solstis
                                    Akid Geshan
                                                     Akid Hanalei
                 Akid Nyshanna
                                    Akid Nyla Bay
                                                     Akid Isleta


"Scooter" is the result of intensive linebreeding. He is already a winner in the showring. This upright gelding has a beautiful neck, as you can see, topped off by an exotic head, typical of the "Akid" bred horses. "Scooter" is not only correct and gorgeous, but has the loving, tractable disposition of his sire. In addition to his beauty, Scooter is an incredible athlete. His dressage potential is phenomenal with beautiful forward through the body movement. Scooter is under saddle and doing very well. Foaled 1996.

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