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"Rhoze" has returned to Field of Dreams Arabians! She arrived here a few years ago for breeding and training and unfortunately was sold at auction by her owner, but through a chain of events came back to Pennsylvania and was purchased by Field of Dreams Arabians. Rhoze is a wonderful loving mare that has been used for riding lessons as well as use in therapeutic riding for the handicapped since her arrival back at Field of Dreams Arabians. She is truly a joy to be around. She has quite a life story and I am thrilled to have Rhoze home.

                                               *Ansata Ibn Halima
                            Ansata Ibn Sudan
                                               *Ansata Bint Mabrouka
         Ansata Amon Ra
                                               Ansata Shah Zaman
                            Ansata Delilah
                                               *Ansata Bint Misr
                                               Tuhotmos EAO
                            * Ansata El Wazir
                                               *Ansata Bint Sameh
         Ansata Rhozira
                                               *Ansata Ibn Halima
                            Ansata Rhodora
                                               *Ansata Bint Bukra

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