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FDA Nefoud

                Akid Kasim
                                                    AK El Zahra Moniet
                                Akid Hanalei
                                                    Akid Serramoniet
FDA Nefoud 
                                                    Bint Kateefa


"Nefoud" is a lovely 1997, Straight Egyptian, full sister to FDA Nile
BlueMoon (Junior Halter Champion).  Nefoud has lovely length of neck,
lots of motion and is very correct. Her chestnut coloring with a 
flaxen mane and tail make her a striking mare.  Nefoud is over 15 hands
tall at three years of age.  She will be an excellent addition to a 
show string or broodmare band.  Her athletic ability will take her in 
many directions in performance of which dressage and distance riding 
are a distinct possibility.  Nefoud looks very much like her female 
ancestry from Germany with the Moneera blood having a major impact.  
Nefoud or her full sister will be retained by Field of Dreams Arabians
as a future broodmare.  

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