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FDA Nile Blue Moon

          Akid Kasim
                                             AK El Zahra Moniet
                           Akid Hanalei
                                             Akid Serramoniet
FDA Nile Bluemoon
                                              Bint Kateefa
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        $Price, Please Inquire

* Halter Champion *

FDA Nile Bluemoon is a junior halter champion with an impeccable pedigree. She has an exceptionally correct smooth body with outstanding athletic ability. Her head is beautiful and she is very much like her aunt, Hamasa Bint Nafteta, Asil Cup Junior Female Champion. She has a loving, willing personality and stands 15h tall. Moon is tremendous mover and would excell in the dressage, endurance or reining field. Moon has just been started under saddle.

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