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FDA DivineMissM

              Akid Kasim
                                                  AK El Zahra Moniet
                             Akid Hanalei
                                                  Akid Serramoniet
FDA DivineMissM
                                                  *Hal Gazal (PASB)
                             Man In Command
                                                  Daydream Serene
              Mings Mirage
                                                  AM Sulejman
                             CR Gay Ming
                                                  Gay Ni
Sweepstakes Nominated

FDA Divine Miss M is an extremely elegant Junior Halter Champion.
This filly will be tall (15.1 to 15.2h)and will be a fine addition
to anyone's show string.  Her wonderful disposition makes her a joy
to be around. 

* Halter Champion *

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