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Megira is an exquisite 1997 filly with an equally exquisite pedigree. She is phenotypically her tail female line, looking uncannily like the incomparable Yosreia. Megira exhibits the head of her ancestress Yosreia with the smoothness of body from her sire, Akid Kasim. This filly will certainly make an impact in the show ring as well as in the breeding barn. Megira's pedigree is exceptional. This female line has been the foundation of many of the most influential studs in the world. Megira will certainly leave her own legacy. Megira is a meticulously correct filly with a beautifully long neck and incredible hinge. She currently stands 14.2h. She has lovely movement as her pedigree would suggest.

                Akid Kasim
                                                   AKElZahra Moniet
                                   Akid Hanalei
                                                   Akid Serra Moniet
                                   Al Metrabbi
                                   GA Ameera
                                                   Ruminaja Najat

Hadbah Enzahiyah

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