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This filly is not only big but big moving. She is very reminiscent of the double *Sakr lines in her pedigree through her sire and dam. Currently standing 15h, this filly will undoubtedly be tall. She has absolutely correct legs, beautiful tail carriage and is charismatic. Her looks are much like her sire, Akid Kasim, and should follow in his footsteps as not only a halter prospect but a great performance horse. Her pedigree will indeed be an asset in any broodmare band with lines to some very treasured horses including Yosreia and Moniet El Nefous. This is an incredible young mare for the price.

               Akid Kasim
                                                   AK El Zahra Moniet
                               Akid Hanalei
                                                   Akid SerraMoniet
Maisa El Khadira
                               Al Metrabbi
                               GA Ameera
                                                   Ruminaja Najat

Hadbah Enzahiyah, Price $5,000   

Field of Dreams Arabians

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