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Farm Links

Al Ambra Arabians
Visit the Heintz' of Germany
Moneera Gestut
Georg Thierer, Germany
Wind Czar Arabians
The Nowak's, South Carolina, USA


Asil Club
Devoted to the Asil Arabian
National Reining Horse Association
United States Dressage Federation

Something New At Field of Dreams

This is a new page to Field of Dreams Arabians' website. Please visit our links to other breeders that we feel are breeding Arabians in the same tradition that we endorse at Field of Dreams that being Arabians with not only recognizable type but athletes as well.

We think you will enjoy visiting what we hope will be a growing list of breeders creating the Arabian horse in its "classic" tradition. The real "war horse" of great beauty, endurance and sound mind for its task, that task being a horse for the entire family and a member of the same.

Please take the time to review our suggested reading list. Here at Field of Dreams Arabians, we believe that the horse should be treated with the respect and compassion it is due throughout its learn ing process.


"The Complete Training of Horse and Rider" by Alois Podhajsky. The most well known work of the master and once director of the Spanish Riding School.

"Educating The Young Horse, The Thinking Trainer's Guide" by Julian Westall. A work which delves into areas that most books fail to even mention in regard to the thinking and compassionate trainer. Available at Tack in the Box,

"Reining, The Art of Performance in Horses" by Bob Loomis. A well executed book on teaching the reining horse from start to finish. My personal suggestion, keep in mind that the skeletal structure of any horse is not mature until four+ years of age.

Horsemanship/Information Sites

Equine Studies Institute: Dr. Deb Bennett's informational site covering a range of topics from physiology to training. Well worth a visit!
Tom Dorrance: A Master of True Horsemanship.
Ray Hunt: Real Horsemanship with informative Forum.
The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria: Classical Horsemanship at it's Finest
Fundacion Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre: Classical Horsemanship--Andalusian Horses Competing Successfully Through Classical Methods

Field of Dreams Arabians

Field of Dreams Homepage:
Tack in the Box: Supplier of "Educating the Young Horse" and dressage equipment.
Equestrian Mall Book Division: Supplier of "The Complete Training of Horse and Rider" at a great price.