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Khadira is a mare for only the true connoisseur of Arabian type and history. This impeccably bred mare is the result of the finest of Gleannloch Farm's and Egyptian breeding throughout history. Her tail female line is the producer of some of the most exquisite Arabians ever seen and is much sought after by type producing breeders. Tracing back to the reknowned mare Yosreia of the Hadban Enzahi strain, this mare has been the cornerstone for many of the most successful breeders in the world. Her maternal grandsire, *Sakr, has the distinction of being the winningest Arabian in the history of the breed with National wins in halter as well as performance. You cannot mistake *Sakr's influence in this great moving mare! Al Metrabbi, Khadira's sire is the result of *Morafic bred to a *Morafic daughter. Al Metrabbi has been the sire of many champions in addition to his own U.S. National Championship as a Futurity Stallion and a Top Ten in Trail. Add the blood of Shaikh Al Badi through Khadira's granddam and you have a pedigree that just is near impossible to top. Khadira not only exhibits the exquisite head type of her tail female line through *Nabilahh, but the athleticism of *Sakr and *Morafic and has already proven that she can reproduce both. This mare is a breeder's dream. Easy to breed, no foaling problems and producing tall, beautiful individuals with great minds. Khadira herself stands 15.1h+ and has been ridden. This is a mare that the serious breeder cannot afford to pass up!

                Al Metrabbi
                GA Ameera
                                                  Shaikh Al Badi
                               Ruminaja Najat
                                                  Bint Nabilahh

Hadbah Enzahiyah
   Price:  $20,000

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