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                 Akid Kasim
                                                    AK ElZahraMoniet
                                   Akid Hanalei
                                                    Akid Serramoniet
Jamila Taali
                                                    Ru Serr Fad
                                   Windhover Kahn(k)
                 MV Jamila Fahim(k)
                                   SG Adhanna (k)
                                                    Shar Anna

Strain, Dahmah Shahwaniyah

Jamila Taali

"Jade" is a lovely 15.1h, 1994 Babson/*Turfa mare with an incredibly affectionate disposition. Just recently put under saddle and trail ridden her third time mounted, Jade exhibited the temperament everyone would love to have in any horse. She is extremely willing, calm, quiet and simply takes everything in stride. She loads, hauls, clips, treadmills--what more could you want? Jade is being offered for sale at an extremely low price only to the right home. She is out of the beautiful black mare, MV Jamila Fahim, and carries 15 lines to black herself. She is indeed a jewel.

Field of Dreams Arabians

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