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            Akid Kasim
                                                 AK El Zahra Moniet
                               Akid Hanalei
Bey Zadok
                                                 *Ibn Moniet El Nefous
                               Ali Bhaba
            Bha Sheeba
                                                 *Ibn Seef
                               Shee Shee
                                                 KK Morasha

"Doc" is a very elegant, gelding with lots of movement.  His
full brother,Bey Zoar, is Junior Reserve Champion at Halter.  Doc has
a very chiseled head and straight up tail carriage.  At present he
stands 16h.  He has been shown at halter.  Doc is for the serious
competitor as a show hack, dressage, or event horse.  Doc loads,
hauls, clips and treadmills.  He is started under saddle and is doing
walk to trot, trot to canter transitions, halts, and learning beginnings
of leg aids.  He also jumps at liberty, is schooling over caveletti,
and has been out on a few trail rides by himself.  Doc has a lovely
enormous, forward stride with elevation as well.  He also exhibits
natural self carriage and balance.  His comedic and loving
personality will endear him into your heart.  He likes the attention
of working and is the ultimate show off!

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